Air Freight

SGSL is able to offer your company reliable Airfreight services to and from all Major airports around the world. We have established relationships with all major airlines and consolidators in India to ensure we get the best airfreight rates, which is passed directly on to the client.

On the local front, we specialize in urgent and last minute collections to ensure your cargo departs on the next available flight, ensuring speedy delivery. Before any export cargo is handed over to the airline or consolidator our collections team will inspect the cargo packaging to ensure it will with stand the sometimes rigorous handling airfreight cargo experience on route to its final destination.

With our dedicated agent network we can have agents on standby in the country of final destination to ensure cargo is delivered to door, on time and most importantly in budget.

With our extensive agent network we are able to offer EXW collections and DDP/DDU Deliveries in over 200 countries. We are able to collect your cargo from the factory door and book it to any airport required . With a strong focus on service availability and reliability we will ensure on time arrival. Before cargo is booked we confirm the route and check if there is any delays along the route, especially with connecting flights. We do our utmost to ensure your cargo is expedited seamlessly.

We do our utmost to ensure your cargo is expedited seamlessly.

Documentation is an important aspect of any international shipment, documentation issues can lead to costly delays and customs violations. That is why we are on call 24/7, so we can provide immediate assistance to foreign parties should there be documentation issues. This is extremely beneficially for shipments where there is a small time window of opportunity to liaise with foreign counterparts on shipment details. Being available 24/7 allows us to finalize documentation issues with foreign counter parts during their business hours.

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